2020 Historic Autographs Retro Graphs Baseball Hobby Box
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2020 Historic Autographs Retro Graphs Baseball Hobby Box

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Configuration: 5 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

Each box will contain (2) Hall of Famers (including Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Nolan Ryan, Cal Ripken, etc) as well as (2) 1950s or 1960 vintage cards. There will be (40) autographed baseball cards per box - that is a big number for collectors.


Offered is 2020 Historic Autographs Retro-Graph Signed baseball card pack product. Each box will have (5) packs that each contain (8) cards, all signed. To minimize the cost, this product with be the first ever HA-Authenticated signed baseball card (all autographs are pre-screened by Beckett). Our hologram sticker has been placed on every card, guaranteeing authenticity (with a money back guarantee if BAS or PSA reject it). All the trading cards are baseball and run from 1957 through 1994. Signatures are in either ball-point and marker - with some of the vintage ball-point signatures being a bit harder to see because of the contrasting background. Some cards like the Ted Williams are signed on the back of the cards.